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R + D + i

The implementation of research, development and innovation to the production and organization systems of Conacon has meant a qualitative leap in the company's business.

In line with its Corporate Social Responsibility, Conacon understand R+D+I as a duty to promote economic and social development in its region.

The company incorporates research advances into building infrastructures and contributes new engineering solutions that make it possible to carry out projects using more sustainable, renewable materials and reducing energy consumption and environmental damage.

Among current projects, the Victoria stands out (Vehicle Initiative Consortium for Transport Operation and Road Inductive Applications). Conacon is part of a consortium that will develop the first Spanish electric load rail by dynamic induction, a technology that will enable an electric vehicle to recharge its battery on the move, without any wiring.

Conacon maintains links with other specialized entities such as testing labs, engineering firms, research centers and universities in order to channel its R+D+I activities.

R+D+i Policy