CONACON: Hacemos infraestructuras - Pensamos en las personas


Society's progress is marked by the development and protection of the infrastructures on which it operates. Over twenty-five years ago, Conacon opted for comprehensive conservation, a business line focused on the repair and maintenance of road, water, rail, urban or building infrastructures to satisfy the citizens who use them. Alongside this activity, Conacon has also historically developed civil engineering and building works, undertaking infrastructures of any kind.

Conacon incorporates a Comprehensive Information System to all the repair and maintenance services provided that supports the entire management system. Using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) makes it possible to create specific software and web applications for complete24-hour control.

In each service, and depending on the needs, the required means, including specific vehicles and equipment such as SUVs, vans, crane trucks, tanker trucks, bulldozers, pole pressers, rollers, mowers, chainsaws, welders, concrete mixers, portable generators, flame cutters, welding sets, electric hammers, traffic closing signs or cascading light signal carts, among others.

In line with its Corporate Social Responsibility, Conacon applies technological advances and research and development in its projects to optimize quality, safety, sustainability, confidence, reliability and deadlines. Conacon is part of ACEX, (Spanish acronym) the Infrastructure Maintenance and Operation Association.