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Since its inception, Conacon has considered Occupational Safety as a key factor in its business and has undertaken it as one of its core values. Along this line, and aware of its social responsibility, Conacon wishes to continue to provide all the means for the continuous improvement of the working conditions, in order to raise the level of protection, safety and health of all its employees and associates. This philosophy is embodied in its Prevention and Safety Policy which exceeds the legal requirements and whose guidelines are summarized in the following points:

- Development and implementation of integrated safety systems in compliance with current regulations.

- Ongoing training and appropriate information on prevention for all workers associated to the company.

- Continuous improvement of Prevention and Safety Plans.

- Thorough analysis of the causes of known accidents to implement improvements in safety measures.

- Constant updating of the Health and Safety Plans for all workplaces.

- Implementation of an Occupational Hazards Management System in accordance with the principles contained in the Occupational Hazards Prevention Act and its implementing regulations, adapted to the International Standard OHSAS 18001:2007, supported by nationally accredited certifying agency CERNE Auditors, and continuously improved by carrying out external, legal and voluntary audits.

- Including associates and suppliers into the development and implementation of the Prevention Management System.

The team consists of a group of Occupational Hazards technicians which includes all levels, from the top to the base (Preventive Resources), covering the three possible technical specializations: Safety, Industrial Hygiene and Ergonomics and Applied Psychology. This team is our own Occupational Health and Safety Service, which is a specific organizational unit whose members are exclusively dedicated to it.

Workplace Health and Safety and Risk Prevention Policy